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Prof Veronica Lambert (PhD)

Dublin City University

Prof Veronica Lambert (PhD, BNS (Hons), RGN, RCN) is Full Professor of Children and Family Nursing at Dublin City University. Veronica leads on Children and Family Focused Research including child and family communication, shared self-management, and psychosocial wellbeing. Other research interests include: paediatric early warning systems, clinical research capacity in children's nursing, patient/person/family centered care, virtual reality and public and patient involvement (PPI) in health care and research. Veronica is the HRB-IRC PPI Ignite Lead for DCU.

Veronica is a member of the International Family Nursing Association Board of Directors, Co-lead and member of the Executive Board of the UK and Ireland IFNA Chapter and Chair of the Local Planning Committee for IFNC15 in Dublin, Ireland.