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Sarah Ticho

Hatsumi VR

Sarah is a serial founder and entrepreneur working at the intersection of XR, healthcare and arts. She is the founder of Hatsumi, a creative participatory tool created to help people communicate and understand the embodied experience of pain and emotion using 3D drawing and sound. She is the producer at Explore Deep, an award-winning clinically validated breath controlled VR experience designed to reduce anxiety, developed in close collaboration with the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab, Radboud University. Sarah is also the co-founder of Lemonade, a geolocated audio platform, and co-founder of the XR Health Alliance. She has spoken at institutions around the world, including YouTube, MIT and Stanford University, and worked with a number of organisations across the immersive and healthcare space including Immerse UK, Health Education England and Emteq Labs. She sits on the XR Safety Initiative Medical Council, and continues to create opportunities to bring together practitioners across academia, healthcare and the creative industries to create an equitable and just future for immersive technology.

In her spare time, Sarah is an End of Life Doula in training, a non-medical support for people going through the end of life process.

Medical XR in the UK


10.50 am (CEST)
Friday, September 24