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Prof Dr Sandy Engelhardt (MSc)

Heidelberg University Hospital

Prof Dr Sandy Engelhardt is a Junior Professor and leads the Working Group ‘Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Medicine’ at Heidelberg University Hospital. She introduced a novel concept called ‘Hyperrealism’ in the field of computer-assisted surgery, which is viewed as a novel form of Augmented reality. The method renders surgical training phantoms more realistic, using latest ‘deep fake’ AI-technology.

She was furthermore awarded with the MICCAI “Augmented Environments-CAI” Best Paper Award in 2014 for a novel Augmented Reality concept to improve prothesis selection in mitral valve repair. Her dissertation “Computer-assisted Quantitative Mitral Valve Surgery” won the BVM-Award 2017 for the best PhD thesis on the German Image Processing Community.

Using AI to improve AR visualizations

Session 1

Extended Reality in the Hospital of the Future

12.30 pm (CEST)
Friday, September 24