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Martin Purschke (PhD)

Harvard Medical School

Martin Purschke is an Instructor in Dermatology at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine. During his Ph.D. theses, he studied radiation induced DNA damage and got interested in the field of radiation oncology research. He started his first postdoctoral fellowship in 2005 at the Radiation Oncology Department at MGH continuing his previous research on radiation induced DNA damage. During his second post doctoral fellowship at the Dermatology Department Martin was involved in several translational research projects such as heat and lidocaine sensitivity on cells or skin tissue engineering. In 2010 he was promoted to an instructor in Dermatology. 3 years ago, he combined his radiation oncology background with his achieved translational research knowledge and started 2 new projects involving light and heat to treat cancer.

With his current UV nanoparticles project, Martin started his own group in 2016 within his supervisor Dr. Andersons group and hired a postdoctoral fellow, who will support this project. He focuses on light emitting nanoparticles for medical problems. He already got awarded an STTR grant to continue the UV nanoparticle project and an institutional discovery grant to study blue light emitting nanoparticles to treat wound infections.

Ultraviolet light is a safe alternative to decontaminate N95 respirators/masks

Session 7

Hygiene with/for Extended Reality

2.15 pm (CEST)
Saturday, September 25