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Jan Brönneke

Jan Brönneke

Health Innovation Hub of the Federal Ministry of Health

After interdisciplinary studies of economics (LL.B.) and social law (LL.M.) at the University of Kassel with positions at the Linköpings and the Koç University (Sweden / Turkey), Jan Brönneke decided for further research in the law of SHI. Here he dealt mainly with the CRC 597 with the method evaluation by the G-BA. This was followed by a station as a speaker at the G-BA; In search of new perspectives he came to the interdisciplinary health consultancy Dierks + Company as Legal Manager. Expertise, drive and solution search led him now to the interface perspective of hih.

Of birthing Cooking Pots - The Role of Clinical Evidence in Business Development

Session 6

Market Overview / Business Development

9.45 am (CEST)
Saturday, September 25