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Arman Ghanaat

Heidelberg University Hospital

Arman Ghanaat is a Medical Student and co-founder of the ‚Project Digital Medicine‘ of the bvmd, a student task-force focusing on connecting, enabling and advocating for medical students in regards to the digital transformation of healthcare. Through events and networking they are trying to educate students on the opportunities and risks of new technologies, such as XR. Overall, they aim to be an active part in the progress within digital medicine and to encourage the new generation of medical students to do the same.

Previously to the Project Digital Medicine, Arman co-founded the Digital Medicine Working Group within the medical students department of Heidelberg University. Within their faculty, Arman and the student working group were able to assist with the student-friendly implementation of a longitudinal curriculum for digital medicine.

During his student-job at MetaSystems he worked on a project to improve monitoring of transplanted kidneys with the help of AI. Currently he is gaining practical experience on the IT-side of research by completing his medical thesis in the „AI in Cardiovascular Medicine“ Working Group of Junior Professor Sandy Engelhardt.

The Digital Transformation of Medicine needs Visionaries

Session 4

Transprofessional Extended Reality Development

6.30 pm (CEST)
Friday, September 24