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Andre Fangueiro

Laerdal Medical

Andre Fangueiro is the Design Manager at Laerdal Medical. As the leader for new developments and Innovation at Laerdal medical is Andre’s responsibility to explore, scope and initiate new initiatives inside Laerdal medical that will support the companies ambition “To help save 1 million more lives. Every Year. By 2030” (

His work focuses on developing offerings that intersect behavioral science, technology and healthcare education and practice, working in diverse topics and areas such as Patient Simulation, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Actionable Insights. Andre has several years and experience in bringing innovative solutions into market from both large multinational companies and start ups and scale ups. With Masters in Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland and Bachelor Degree from Superior Schools of Artes and Design from Porto, Portugal. Andre has been a exploring the future of Mixed Reality meaning towards Simulation and the possibilities to scale, engage and educate healthcare participants across the world independent of time and space.

Laerdal’s Future of Healthcare Simulation – The role of Digital Realities in the big picture

Session 9

Extended Reality for Medical Training and Education

8.30 pm (CEST)
Saturday, September 25