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Karl Guttag

Since 2011, the blog KGOnTech ( has analyzed consumer display devices and systems. The blog presents the technical analysis and opinions of Karl Guttag with 40 years of electronics industry experience in display devices, headset displays, projector displays, graphics accelerators, and video game devices.

Karl Guttag has 40 years of experience in Graphics and Image Processors, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), memory architecture, display devices (LCOS and DLP) and display systems including Heads Up Displays and Near Eye Display (augmented reality and virtual reality).   For the last 35 years was generally the lead technical person on the design and/or system product rising to TI Fellow at Texas Instruments and being the CTO at three startups.

Most recently he was CTO of Navdy a startup working on automotive heads up displays.   Prior Navdy he was the CTO of Syndiant developing LCOS used in projectors and head mount displays.  He has also provided technical expert support for I.P. litigation since 1999.

He is a named inventor on 150 issued U.S. Patents including key patents related to display devices, graphics/ imaging processors, graphics interface circuits, microprocessors, signal processing (DSP), Synchronous DRAMs, and Video/Graphics DRAM.  Billions of dollars of yearly revenue have been attributed to products using these inventions.

The Reality of Augmented Reality

Karl Guttag

8.30 - 9.00 pm (CEST)
Thursday, September 24