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Jeffrey Jacobson (PhD)

Boston Children’s Hospital

Jeffrey Jacobson, Ph.D., is a simulation engineering, and project manager at the Boston Children’s Hospital Simulation Program, where he prototypes new training tools, oversees the development of AR and VR training solutions and contributes to scholarly investigations into AR and VR uses in medical training and treatment. He has 30 years of experience in research, engineering, and applications of virtual and mixed reality technology. He received his doctorate in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, He is a cognitive engineer, specializing in how people process information and learn with immersive media. He conducted early research in VR game technology, performed empirical studies of VR learning, and the use of AR in museums and educational theater. As a consultant he has advised the education, architecture, construction, and transportation industries. He is a co-organizer of BostonVR, one of the oldest and largest meetup groups.

XR for Medical Training at Boston Children’s Hospital

Jeffrey Jacobson (PhD), Boston Children’s Hospital
10.00 - 10.15 pm (CEST)
Friday, September 25