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Dr med Tobias Lange (MD)

Dr. med. Tobias Lange, M.D., MBA is a spine surgeon, currently working as deputy clinic director at the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, St. Josef-Hospital, Catholic Clinic Bochum, Ruhr University Bochum.

Beside his clinical expertise, he is doing research on biomechanical principles, innovative surgical techniques and basic knowledge concerning spine surgery and various treatment options in spinal diseases. He is also very involved in medical education and training of students and young doctors, especially when it comes to learning practical surgical skills in the field of spinal surgery. In this context, he sees a crucial contribution of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the future.

He started his scientific and clinical path at the Westphalian University of Münster (WWU) in 2008 before moving to the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) in 2020.